This section is informational in nature and not a part of any agreement.

cBounty is a third-party Eve Online application. It, along with every Eve Online third-party application, is subject to the Developer License Agreement. It is furnished here for educational purposes.


This section applies when accessing this website and associated services.

Failing to comply with any rule will result in the immediate termination of your access to the web service and/or associated in-game services via technical and/or other means.

Any intentional act to disrupt cBounty web services is prohibited.

Any intentional act beyond typical web browsing usage that substantially increases cBounty web service server load is prohibited.

Any attempts to inject materials into the website for malicious or commercial purposes is prohibited.


This section applies when accessing this website and associated services.

Access to the web service is generally available without restriction. Access to the in-game provided services are generally available without restriction.

All web and in-game services are provided with good-faith and at best-effort. There are no warranties. There are no guarantees. The in-game service is subject to meatspace constraints and limitations. Furthermore, the automated portions are dependent on EvE Online's ESI which is subject to caching, delayed processing, and other technical limitations without any SLA. Caveat emptor.

Should the user grant killmail scopes to cBounty, the user grants cBounty the right to access and make public any or all killmails in the character's history. Single-killmail upload functionality is provided as an alternative, generally-accessible service. Scopes are never a requirement to use the service.

cBounty will not make public API tokens/keys nor any other Personal Identifying Information (PII) that may be incidentally logged as part of its operation. Only the site administrator has access to the API tokens/keys and they are solely used for the purposes of providing cBounty in-game services. Users maintain the right to revoke tokens for any reason, or never grant them in the first place.

cBounty provides users notifications via Eve Mail services as best-effort opt-in notification systems, and this service is generally available without restriction and without requiring scopes.

A user may receive an Eve Mail without ever interacting with cBounty. This occurs when a different user uses cBounty in-game services to place a bounty on the user for the first time, and is courteously provided for awareness.

How cBounty Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

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